Bringing training and exercising together to develop staff confidence and capability.


The EPC is working in close collaboration with a government ministry, to deliver an integrated and major programme of learning and exercising. Its purpose to develop the response capabilities as a lead government department to a major incident. 


The programme is on its 3rd year. We are helping to develop senior leaders, operations room staff and specialists in crisis management skills and behaviours.

It’s working really well and making a visible improvement. But don’t take our word for it – see what participants have said….

“The exercise was eye opening! Even though the introductory course explained how fast paced and constantly evolving a real situation would be, the exercise today really brought out what is required as part of an Emergency Response Team.”

“The speed on the exercise was just right - kept pressure on but not overwhelming. Good scenario and drew out the right learning.”

“Invaluable practice to help inform people for the real scenario. Trainers provided an excellent balance between challenge and support. Huge thanks to the prep which has gone in to prepare the material and deliver it on the day”

“Good participation, well prepared, well organised. Scenario was realistic - the incident, the range of information, stakeholders, ministerial briefing etc. It was clear that the exercise was about safe learning - and there was much openness from all involved about the learning. Well led, presented and facilitated/supported.”

“Importance of process and structure understand, as well as roles and responsibilities of those involved. Everyone bought in to the training and it felt like a pressurised, real scenario. Everyone in a much better place at end of training. Hot debrief is very important.”

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