The Emergency Planning College welcomes senior directors from Malaysian supply chain industry


This week the EPC are hosting 15 CEO level delegates from the Malaysian supply chain industry for a 5 day knowledge transfer programme on ‘Business Continuity and Supply chain -  How to develop as a resilient organisation’


The knowledge transfer programme is packed with training sessions, case studies, scenario modelling, workshops and guest speakers. The programme will cover:

An overview of Business Continuity Management

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Implementing Business Continuity in organisations
  • Key lessons for procurement when developing resilient supply chains
  • Exercising and auditing resilience arrangements
  • Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience 

To put theory into practice the delegation will also visit PD Ports and Stiller Warehousing & Distribution Ltd to see logistics operations in practice.

About EPC:

The Emergency Planning College (EPC) is the UK’s national centre for resilience development services. The EPC is owned by the UK government and, as part of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, our work is endorsed and validated by the UK’s authority on resilience – a powerful assurance of quality that is guaranteed. We build resilience by providing assurance against adversity and by helping our customers to protect their business and their reputation.