Staying Safe in the Modern World, Online Personal Resilience Course


The second running of our free online course has just finished and we're taking a look at the results.


We’ve just run this free Massive Open Online Course (known in the trade as a MOOC!) - for the second time.  It’s a basic and general (but informative) guide to how individuals and very local communities can become more resilient in the face of disasters by dint of a little self-help and preparation. We thought we’d share the results with you. 

On its first run in November 2018 we had very little idea of what to expect and the results surprised us.  Over 2600 people signed up for the course, but the really interesting thing was that they came from 133 different countries.  So, we decided to run it again, this time in May 2019.  On this occasion, 545 people signed up from 83 different countries. 

So, the numbers have declined, but they are still quite pleasing – in terms of the global reach of the resilience message.  We’ve learned (or confirmed our belief) that there is an appetite for resilience education in the general public, and that this is global.  It addresses needs that are common to all people.  It has also confirmed our belief that these messages work best when they are practical, straightforward and motivate people not just to help themselves and their own families – but also their immediate neighbourhood. That has to be the core message in any community resilience programme.

Learn more about the course and sign up for the next running HERE.