Run, Hide, Tell - International Day of Monuments & Sites


Today is the International Day of Monuments and Sites and as many of these sites can be a hive of tourist activity they often become incredibly crowded places. We've taken this opportunity to look into staying safe whilst in crowded places and the Action Counters Terrorism campaign 'Run, Hide, Tell'. Have a read.


When Visiting Crowded Places, Do You...

Ever think about what you should do in the event of an emergency? Throughout the world, we are spending an increasing amount of time visiting places of interest such as monuments, sites, shopping centres and sports venues, but do all of us create or even consider a plan before we go? 

It's so important for you to be prepared, remain vigilant and increase your awareness of how to protect yourself, should the need arise. Here's a few key 'what ifs' to consider before heading off to your favourite monument or site for a visit:

  • What if: You have an accident
  • What if: You have your money / phone stolen
  • What if: You are separated from others
  • What if: You can't get home
  • What if: You're impacted by unrest
  • What if: You are affected by a weapons (terrorist) attack

Asking yourself these simple questions before visiting crowded places can help you to raise your preparedness and build your resilience. It's also extremely useful to think about the following:

  • Plan an alternative way of getting home
  • Agree a 'meet up point' in case your party get separated 
  • Have all members of your party (especially children) got contact details on them
  • Do you have any relevant medical alert information on you
  • Have you planned escape routes and do you know the fire evacuation route
  • Remember to always tell others where you are going
  • Prepare for RUN, HIDE, TELL


What is Run, Hide, Tell?

The police service has released a short public information film called 'Stay Safe: Firearms & Weapons Attack' which sets out the key options for keeping safe should the worst happen. 

View the Video Here.

Run, Hide, Tell