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We've uploaded some fun and useful word searches to our Tools and Templates page. Download them now


Using Word Searches

You might agree that some of the emergency management models, processes and frameworks we know and love can be a bit, well, difficult to get over to audiences in fresh or interesting ways.

One method we use is that puzzle-page favourite, the word search.

Here’s seven for you to download and use in your training, if you like the idea. It can be a bit of fun, a change of pace or style and maybe provoke a gentle competition. But it also approaches an important bit of learning from a sideways angle.

In each case, we suggest you introduce the model, cycle etc in the usual way and then set individuals or small groups to work on the word search. With groups, they can also be ice-breakers.

If you like using them and want to suggest any new ones – let us know!

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