Marking the International Day for Disaster Reduction 13th October 2017


The EPC fully supports the Sendai agenda and the International Day for Disaster Reduction on October 13th.


Working in 20+ nations, across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East gives us very significant international expertise.

Almost all of this training and advice is delivered overseas and is entirely bespoke – tailored to the needs of each customer.  Most of those customers are with us for the long haul, on extended programmes of work to develop and improve their national resilience capability in risk management, emergency planning, disaster response and recovery.  The EPC’s mission is to enhance the resilience of the UK and while our primary focus is national, the UK has very wide and diverse interests overseas that are vital to our national interest.  So we are an international college and an international resilience development service.

If you are reflecting on what Sendai means for UK practioners, please refer to our latest Occasional Paper.  This can be downloaded here. It examines how these international issues relate to civil protection and disaster management in the UK.  It was written by Dr Hugh Deeming.  Hugh is one of the EPC’s Research Fellows, and produced this paper in time for the last Sendai conference in Mexico earlier this year.