Evening Lecture - Interoperability: Theory and Practice in UK Emergency Management

Evening Lecture - Interoperability: Theory and Practice in UK Emergency Management

As part of our Occasional Paper 13 launch we are holding an evening lecture on Wednesday 3rd June with Kevin Pollock.


About the Lecture:

Previous research has highlighted that despite the desire for Interoperability during major incident response, collaboration between responding agencies is often ineffective.

The intention of Occasional Paper 13 was to provide a paper that was accessible and of particular value to practitioners from responder organisations, as well as contributing to the academic community interested in interoperability and collaboration.
The research aim was to enhance interoperability in relation to UK emergency management through the development of a body of knowledge that empirically supports the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles.

As part of the Occasional Paper 13 launch we are holding a lecture to highlight the importance of interoperability, how we can do this better and how this can help collaboration of the emergency services in the UK.
In this evening lecture Kevin will be discussing his thoughts and opinions surrounding interoperability, how the research came about and the reasons behind the paper. This is a chance to put your questions to the expert and find out more about the paper.

About the Lecturer:

Kevin served as a police officer for 30 years. He is trained in EU Civil Protection and as a Police Incident Officer. He has extensive operational experience and theoretical knowledge of managing challenging incidents.

He has a particular interest in organisational resilience and interoperability. He was awarded his PhD (University of Glasgow) following research on the effectiveness of the Strategic Coordinating Groups (SCGs) established by the UK Civil Contingencies Act 2004. In particular the adaptive capacity of the SCGs to learn from crisis experience and improve future response. While for his MSc in Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management (Leicester University) Kevin examined to what extent Scottish football clubs experienced changes to their norms and procedures, following recommendations made by Government Inquiries into disasters at football stadia in the United Kingdom.

In 2013 Kevin was commissioned by the UK Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat to conduct research on lessons from UK emergencies and major incidents, which have occurred since the mid-1980s, to support the UK Joint Emergency Service Interoperability Programme (JESIP). His findings were published by the EPC as Occasional Paper Number 6.

In addition to his current research for the EPC, he also works as a consultant having designed, implemented and embedded successful organisational resilience programmes in the UK and Middle East.

Kevin has a number of other qualifications including Terrorism Studies (St Andrews University) and Business Continuity Management (Coventry University). He is also a member of the Institute of Risk Management, Business Continuity Institute, Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management, Emergency Planning Society and the International Association of Emergency Managers.