EPC's Director of Resilience Bev Griffiths featured article in Counter Terror Business Magazine


EPC's Director of Resilience Bev Griffiths has written an article that has been published on Counter Terror Business Magazine around "Ensuring Crowded Places Protection".


Make sure you visit Counter Terror Business Magazine to view a stimulating article written by EPC's Director of Resilience Bev Griffiths.

Bev's article will be looking into what are the pressures and needs that must be considered when looking at protection measures. This article is available to view by visiting the below webpage:


About Bev Griffiths

Beverley, as the Director for Resilience, has within her remit responsibility for the management and development of the Crowd and Public Safety capability at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College. She also advises on Business Continuity, Risk, Security & Safety, Cyber Resilience, Crisis Management and Incident Management, from policy to operations.

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