EPC Position Paper 4


The EPC are delighted to launch Position Paper 4 "Leadership in UK multi-agency emergency co-ordination groups: a functional approach (2nd Edition)" by Mark Leigh, Robert MacFarlane and David Williams.


The first edition of this paper was published just over two years ago.  Because of its popularity and the positive feedback we’ve received about it, we’ve decided to update it and re-issue it in a second edition as EPC Position Paper Number 4.   As the name suggests, it analyses the work of TCG and SCG members and Chairs from a functional perspective – that is – what people in that role actually have to do and what functions they need to carry out.

We think it complements three other EPC publications particularly well.  These are:

  • Decision-support tools for risk, emergency and crisis management   by Robert MacFarlane  (EPC Position Paper  Number 1)
  • Information management and shared situational awareness   by Robert MacFarlane and Mark Leigh  (EPC Occasional Paper Number 12)
  • Critical thinking in crisis management  by Mark Leigh   (EPC Occasional Paper Number 15).

All of the above are available as free downloads from our online Knowledge Centre at www.epcresilience.com/knowledgecentre