Occasional Paper 16


The EPC are delighted to announce the release of Occasional Paper 16 “Resilient Organisation or Mock Bureaucracy:  Is Your Organisation “Crisis-Prepared” or “Crisis–Prone” By Dr Kevin Pollock.


Occasional Paper Number 16

Resilient Organisation or Mock Bureaucracy:  Is Your Organisation “Crisis-Prepared” or “Crisis–Prone”

By Dr Kevin Pollock

Do you know what a “mock bureaucracy” is?  If you don’t, then you might be working in one!  Does your organisation “go through the motions” when it comes to its preparedness for disruptions and crises, convincing itself too quickly and too easily that it “has a plan” and will “get through it”. Or, perhaps, that it “won’t happen here”.   Is there a gap between the rhetoric and the reality, the form and the substance, of your organisation’s resilience?

This, the “reality gap” in organisational resilience, is the subject of Dr Kevin Pollock’s latest paper for the Emergency Planning College; you may already be familiar with his previous work for the college, including the extremely well received Occasional Paper 6 which is also available on the EPC website.

OP 16 is a controversial paper which will drive you to ask some fairly pointed questions about your organisation’s resilience and your confidence in it.  It also gives you a diagnostic tool as well as ready and accessible framework for understanding how organisational resilience is developed, managed and sustained; what you can do, in fact, to help drive your organisation into genuine, sustainable resilience.

Download this Paper for free via the EPC website at: