EPC Evening Lecture 24th February


The EPC will be hosting its first Evening Lecture of 2016 surrounding the topic of "The Professional Continuum; Interoperability, Partnerships and the Challenges" on Wednesday 24th February.


The Professional Continuum; Interoperability, Partnerships and the Challenges.

The world of resilience continues to evolve with change being the only constant! The professional continuum is being impacted right across the UK, with austerity measures driving through our organisations, yet more demands are to the fore; recent weather impacts and the catastrophic flooding across the UK over the last few weeks,  seeks to remind us of the many demands that our services continue to have to meet. Yet, we are being encouraged to seek new ways of working that demonstrate efficiencies and that are more effective. So what does that mean for resilience, for our services?

Scotland is no different from other parts of the UK, with the same issues and austerity implications. Police and Fire reform in 2013 has created a range of opportunities, notwithstanding the financial pressures. There is growing evidence of good practice and improved service delivery specifically in relation to interoperability and the provision of the “new” Scottish Multi-Agency Resilience Training and Exercise Unit (SMARTEU) which provides a fully integrated and co-ordinated tri-service training and exercise unit to meet the demands and requirements of the three Scottish ‘blue light’ emergency services, Police, Fire and Ambulance.   There have also been some significant changes to the resilience landscape and the resilience partnerships. Subsidiarity continues to be at the heart of all that we do; can we continue and ensure that “local” remains?

So what is this session about?

This session will explore some of the challenges that we have been faced with in Scotland, with Police and Fire reform in 2013, some of the positive changes, alongside the real challenges.  In addition, the evolving landscape of the resilience partnerships.

Doug Stirling, Head of SMARTEU will present some key findings from the work of the unit so far; the progress and the barriers to change.  Interoperability across the blue light services must deliver integrated and improved service delivery, and, specifically produce significant efficiencies.  JESIP will also be rolled out in Scotland from April 2016.

Jacqui Semple, Resilience Manager, Angus Council and Chair, EPS, Scottish Branch, will provide an overview of the resilience partnership structures in Scotland, the journey so far and some of the key challenges facing the resilience profession; are we situation critical?