Business Continuity Management - The Key to Business Survival


In today's world your business already has a lot to contend with. Being resilient to business risks is key to survival. Understanding these risks, to then develop, implement, embed and maintain a Business Continuity programme into your organisation is key to supporting business resilience.


This course, based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines, supports the reinforcing knowledge needed to pass the BCI Exam.

Through it's trainers, the EPC brings a unique capability to this course, having prodigious experience in Business Continuity and the wider resilience industry. The EPC also maintains the exclusive position of being a world renowned, UK Cabinet Office approved provider of a national resilience training, providing an exceptional offering to the learner.

The BCI Good Practice Guidelines

Upcoming Dates:

20 - 22 May (23 May Exam)

16 - 18 July (19 July Exam)

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