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11 Sep 19

New Insight Publication from the EPC

Today we launch a new set of documents in our Short Guide series! This one is called Crisis Leadership.

12 Aug 19

Out Go the Lights

In light of recent events, the risk of widespread power failure has seen a surge in interest. In this EPC note we share some of our thoughts on this current topic.

07 Aug 19

August's Book of the Month: Unnatural Causes by Dr Richard Shepherd

Our latest Book of the Month is Unnatural Causes by Dr Richard Shepherd, a compelling read that documents the often unseen side to forensic pathology. Using his vast experience, Dr Shepherd provides an insight into the realities faced; from the struggle to keep up with public expectations to the personal toll it took on him. Find the review here.

05 Aug 19

Understanding the Reservoir/Dam Failure Risk

At the time of writing it looks as if a complete failure of Toddbrook reservoir dam may have been averted, after nearly 5 days of massive effort by responders. But it’s too early to be completely sure and many people are still evacuated from their homes in Whaley Bridge as a precautionary measure.    


02 Aug 19

Smart Cities, Individual Rights and the Future

Does the newsworthiness of an event trump our right to privacy? And do aspects of smart cities create a potential threat to individual rights to privacy? We explore these questions in our latest blog.

01 Aug 19

When the Heavens Open

Recovery operations are well under way in the North of England, as people, communities and businesses start to rebuild and count the cost after the recent floods.  What is it about surface water flooding that means they seem to come out of nowhere? A few thoughts about this “other” sort of flood.