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20 Mar 19

Tools and Templates - An Experiment!

Here's something new from the EPC Insight programme. We are sharing our favourite graphics from our courseware and publications in the hope you find them useful. All we ask is that you acknowledge us if or when you use them, and let us know what you think.


07 Mar 19

Launching the EPC's 'Top Texts'

EPC's Top Texts is an evolving collection of what we currently believe to be the 'must reads' for any professional resilience manager. So, here's our list. Each will eventually have a short review explaining why we have chosen this and each month we will choose one of them to highlight for special attention. 

05 Mar 19

Webinar: Virtual Operations Support Team

In this webinar, EPC Associate Nigel Kay delves more deeply into the potential benefits of digital volunteering, considers the pitfalls of social media, and asks what support and training may be required to develop the VOST concept more widely across the UK.

22 Feb 19

Disaster Database

Disasters and emergency situations have always played a part in shaping the world we live in today. Legislation, the economy and even our culture can change dramatically due to these terrible events that have helped carve out our history.

We feel that looking back and understanding these events, is just as important as looking ahead and anticipating the future, this is why we'd like to introduce the Disaster Database.

22 Feb 19

Occasional Paper 14: When Angels Fall From the Sky

Today is World Social Justice Day, and social justice, like civil protection, depends on social inclusivity. With this theme in mind we are sharing a paper that we published back in 2017, 'When Angels Fall From the Sky - Helping Children and Young People Cope in the Aftermath of a Disaster'. We think it still makes a good contribution to understanding this subject which is, after all, a relatively recent addition to the civil protection narrative.

20 Feb 19

Globalisation and Vulnerability

We’re currently researching the impact of globalisation on local resilience.  But what has this got to do with civil protection and emergency planners?  Well, it’s about how it can create hidden communities of marginalised and vulnerable people in our midst.  And that’s everywhere.