When you book a course at the EPC you will now receive access to our online learning support environment, iLearn. iLearn is an online facility that helps you to connect with like‐minded professionals, contact our course trainers and subject experts and access a whole range of useful information and training materials.

Accessing Course Materials

From two weeks before your course, you will receive a username and password so that you can access materials for your course before you attend the EPC.

  • find out more about the course before you attend
  • find out what you might need to bring with you to the course
  • access any pre‐reading or activities needed for the course 
  • access any support materials, such as acronym lists, recommended websites etc
  • introduce yourself on the course forum
  • ‘talk’ in advance to both the trainers and other delegates

Some courses offer pre‐course ‘catch up’ material including quizzes to test your own knowledge before you attend the College. These can be complemented by a post‐course quiz to help identify how much you have learned whilst at the College.


Once you have attended a course at the EPC, iLearn is available for you to:

  • download electronic versions of the slides used on your course (including updates)
  • access the videos that were shown
  • access notes from the training sessions
  • access additional reading materials and recommended websites to continue your learning
  • access examples of relevant plans
  • contribute to the post course forum to ask questions or help other delegates with their own questions relating to the course
  • complete official EPC examinations for which Certificates of Achievement will be awarded  


Once registered, the iLearn facility will be available to use for as long as you wish. However, access to the learning materials relating to the course you attended will remain for a period of six months.

Discussion Forums

Joining iLearn offers you the choice to take part in online conversations through the discussion forum. It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to your fellow delegates and the EPC trainers. This gives you the chance to talk about your role in emergency planning and helps the trainers understand your specific training needs. The forum will ensure none of your questions go unanswered. When you have attended your course, it provides the opportunity for you to ask questions or enquire about anything you may have missed during your visit to EPC.


Once you have had the opportunity to use iLearn, we would really welcome your feedback. Please get in touch either through the forum or by email to pass on your comments (good or bad).

iLearn Login

Access your online course materials by logging in to iLearn

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