Issue 159

Issue 159

 1st September 2020


UK Government 





COVID-19: Experiences From the Ultimate Business Continuity Test



The WEF Asked 6 Business Leaders How They See the Working World Post COVID-19



Gov: Guidance for Schools

Gov: Providing Apprenticeships During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Gov: Coronavirus; How to Help Safely

ICPEM: ALERT Summer 2020

30 Days 30 Ways UK: 2020 Schedule (Resilience Direct sign-in required)



Pandemic 'Causing New Wave' of Plastic Pollution

The Spanish Flu Pandemic; What Lessons Can we Learn From a Century Ago?

The Magnitude of America’s Contact Tracing Crisis is Hard to Overstate

How Technology Will Transform Learning in the COVID-19 Era

‘Health for the Firefighter’ Campaign Launched in Response to Health Concerns

Deepfake Detection Tool Unveiled by Microsoft

How Clean is the Air on Planes?

UK Joins International Allies in Issuing Cyber Defence Advice for Organisations

Evacuations in a Global Crisis: Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Storm Names for 2020-21 Announced

Twelve Insights to Help Build Your Business Recovery Roadmap




Starting Out in Civil Protection (7th - 11th Sep)

Debriefing Emergencies and Exercises (16th Sep)


Key Aspects of Civil Protection (16th Sep)

Key Insights Into Human Aspects (18th Sep)


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