Issue 157

Issue 157

 17th August 2020


UK Government 





How (Not) to Make Your Organisation More Resilient and Cope Better When the Next Crisis Hits



How Do We Stop Pandemics Before They Begin?



JESIP: News 27

UNDRR: Hazard Definition and Classification Review

EU EIOPA: Issues Paper on Resilience Solutions for Pandemics

ICPEM: ALERT Summer 2020

30 Days 30 Ways UK: 2020 Schedule (Resilience Direct sign-in required)



BSI Consults on New Standard for Managing Psychosocial Risks in the Work Environment

'Highest Temperature on Earth' as Death Valley, US Believed to Have Hit 54.4C

Research Finds That Cyber Crisis Preparation is Failing to Adapt to Modern Threats

Record Number of Aid Workers Attacked in 2019

NCSC Removes Over 300,000 URLs Linking to Investment Scams With Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Surreal Scenes Inside Russia’s Battle Against the Pandemic

Morrisons Considers Ditching All 'Bags for Life' for Paper

InterPol Report Highlights ‘Alarming Rate’ of Cyber Attacks During COVID-19

Where’s Our Next Shock Coming From?

INCB, WHO and UNODC Statement on Access to Internationally Controlled Medicines During COVID-19 Pandemic




Starting Out in Civil Protection (7th - 11th Sep)

Debriefing Emergencies and Exercises (16th Sep)


Key Aspects of Civil Protection (16th Sep)

Key Insights Into Human Aspects (18th Sep)


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