Issue 151

Issue 151

 6th July 2020


UK Government 





Blog: JESIP Article Mini-Series – Reflection

Publication: The Lessons Digest Edition 1

Blog: Introducing the Lessons Digest

Tools and Templates: The EPC BC Checklist



Are Healthcare Systems Failing People Without COVID-19?



Tracing the Origins of the Coronavirus



NHS: Report Your Experience of Coronavirus

Gov: Information About Getting Tested

JESIP: News 27

ICPEM: ALERT Summer 2020

30 Days 30 Ways UK: 2020 Schedule (Resilience Direct sign-in required)

The European Risk Manager Report 2020



Gov: £1.57 Billion Investment to Protect Britain’s Arts

Some Trees May 'Social Distance' to Avoid Disease

Yemen: Thousands of Children’s Lives at Risk as Healthcare Services Plummet

UK Risk Professionals are Receiving More Board Time as a Result of COVID-19

Huawei: UK Government Weighs up Ban of Chinese Firm's Products

How Scientists Know COVID-19 is Deadlier Than the Flu

Australia to Shut State Border as Melbourne Infections Surge

GDPR “Fit for Digital Age” Asserts European Commission in Detailed Review Report

Will COVID-19 Usher in a New Culture of Outdoor Living and Dining?

WHO Faces Calls to Focus on the Airborne Spread Risk of COVID-19


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