Issue 148

Issue 148

 25th June 2020


UK Government 





Blog: JESIP Article Mini-Series – Reflection

Publication: The Lessons Digest Edition 1

Blog: Introducing the Lessons Digest

Tools and Templates: The EPC BC Checklist



Why Some People Can't Resist Crowds Despite the Pandemic



Heavy Rain Causes Floods in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina



NHS: Report Your Experience of Coronavirus

Gov: Information About Getting Tested

Gov: Guidance for Local Government

JESIP: News 26

30 Days 30 Ways UK: 2020 Schedule (Resilience Direct sign-in required)

EY: Megatrends 2020



Many European Countries Set to be Exempt From Quarantine

COVID-19 Cases Among Women in Conflict Settings May be Underreported

Police Service Continues to Witness Crime Levels Falling During Lockdown

The Impacts of Covid-19 on the Agrifood Chain and Food Security

British Public Help Reach Major Milestone in Fight Against Scammers

Supply Chain Security and Resilience is One of the Biggest Issues Facing the Tech Sector

Millions Barred From 2020 Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca Due to Pandemic

GCHQ to Help Firms Use Cutting Edge Tech to Keep Citizens Safe

The Impacts of Work From Home Measures Surveyed

CT Police: As One Disease Retreats, We Need to Stop Another Re-Emerging


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