Issue 146

Issue 146

 18th June 2020


UK Government 





Blog: JESIP Article Mini-Series – Reflection

Publication: The Lessons Digest Edition 1

Blog: Introducing the Lessons Digest

Tools and Templates: The EPC BC Checklist



Delivering Science in a Crisis



Sustainable Business: Green is Getting Cheaper



NHS: Report Your Experience of Coronavirus

Gov: Information About Getting Tested

Gov: Transport and Travel Guidance

30 Days 30 Ways UK: 2020 Schedule (Resilience Direct sign-in required)

Mimecast: The State of Email Security 2020



New Evidence of Virus Risks From Wildlife Trade

How ‘Clicktivism’ is Changing the Way we Protest

A Water Crisis Looms for 270 Million People as South Asia’s Glaciers Shrink

Facebook to Let Users Turn Off Political Adverts

The Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine — ‘There’s No One Winner’

Study Identifies the Main Risks Associated with Digital Transformation

NCSC Urges Football Fans to Secure Their Online Streaming Accounts

On the Hunt for the Next Deadly Virus

Here’s What Sweden Will do if There’s a Second Wave of the Coronavirus

Social Media Users More Likely to Believe Conspiracies

UN: 1% of All Humanity on the Move as Refugee Numbers Rise

How the World Sees the COVID-19 Pandemic


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