Issue 123

Issue 123

23 March 2020


UK Government 





Blog: Far, Far Away: The Impacts of Remote Working 

Blog: The Sounds of Science: Breakthrough Technologies, Risks and Horizon-Scanning

Blog: Living Proof: The Australian Bushfires and Anthropogenic Climate Change 

Blog: Smoking Gun: Linking Climate Change to Weather-Related Disasters 

Short Guide: Risks in the Spotlight Vol.3  



5 things Supermarkets Want You to Know Right Now 



6 Dangerous Coronavirus Myths Busted by the World Health Organization 



Gov: Guidance for Households With Possible Coronavirus Infection 

Gov: Guidance on Social Distancing and For Vulnerable People 

Gov: Guidance for Employees, Employers and Businesses 

Gov: Guidance for Local Government 

Gov: New Isolation Note System Launched   

BCI: Horizon Scan Report 2020 (sign-in required) 

Lepide: 2020 State of Data Security Report 



Blood and Organ Donations Shrink Amid Coronavirus Fears 

COVID-19 and Pandemic Planning: How Companies Should Respond 

World Water Day: Water Resources are Essential Part of Solution to Climate Change 

COVID-19: Five Steps to Defend Against Opportunistic Cyber Attackers 

In Pandemic, Word Definitions Shift and New Lexicon Emerges 

The Volunteer Army Helping Self-Isolating Neighbours 

Coronavirus to be Tracked Using its Genetic Code 

After the Storm: How The Bahamas Continues to Rebuild after Hurricane Dorian 

EU Commission Creates First Ever RescEU Stockpile of Medical Equipment 

Coronavirus and Organizational Resilience: Preparations for a New Normal 

Virus Pandemic an Unprecedented Test for a Young Generation 

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