Cyber Resilience Training and Exercising Programme

Cyber Attack

Not ‘if’ but ‘when’ and ‘how’

You cannot protect your organisation from a cyber-attack all the time, in spite of your best efforts breaches will mostly certainly occur over time.

Coping with these risks is now an urgent requirement.

Although many organisations are now improving their ability to prevent and detect these attacks, too few have considered their ability to recover from an attack, the wider implication for their organisation and the longer term impact. We can help.

Investment in training and exercising is the answer

In the face of these threats, you urgently need to think about your risks and consider the steps you need to take to make your organisation cyber resilient. This is where we can help.

People are at the heard of our cyber resilience services. We support you, your managers and your staff through a range of services that:

Provide you with the necessary training and support to help you develop and manage your cyber resilience strategies and plans.

Raise awareness of the relevant guidance and legislation that will help cyber professionals understand the UK’s arrangements for managing a major incident.

Enable you to validate your arrangements through a range of exercise solutions designed to ‘walk through’ incident management when faced with a cyber attack.

Test your systems by drawing on the cyber expertise of our technical partners.  

Courses: (coming soon)  

  • Cyber Resilience masterclass for Senior Public Sector Managers
  • Cyber Awareness: exercise for Public Sector Managers
  • Cyber Resilience for Business Continuity and Emergency Planning Managers
  • Cyber Resilience Foundation: what public sector professionals need to know

All our courses and exercises can be tailored to meet your specific requirement, delivered on a date and at a venue to suit you.

Contact us to find out more about these and a wide range of emergency and crisis management, business continuity and public safety training courses, exercising and consultancy.