Featured Guidance

  • Claim for Wages Through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Find guidance for employers looking to use the Job Retention Scheme here. (08/09/20)
  • Admission and Care of People in Care Homes. Find guidance to help protect care home residents and staff here. (27/08/20)
  • How to Help Safely. Find guidance to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep safe here. (24/08/20)
  • Reducing Transmission – What You Can Do to Help. Find the updated guidance for reducing the transmission rate of COVID-19 here. (21/08/20)
  • How to Self-Isolate When You Travel to the UK. Find guidance about self-isolating when returning or travelling to the UK here. (17/08/20)
  • Keep up to Date With the Latest Government COVID-19 Data. View the data dashboard here. (07/09/20)

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The UK Government Guidance

The complete list of government guidance, advice and information can be accessed here.

We also recommend the National Resilience Standard on Pandemic Flu planning, which can be accessed using ResilienceDirect. 

Learn more about accessing ResilienceDirect here.

Other Government Advice

Links to other government related guidance, advice and support on COVID-19 

Track the Virus in the UK

The government has provided a dashboard-type GIS tracker, so that you can follow the course of the virus and keep up to date with the key statistics, and with how cases of the virus are distributed across the UK.

Track the Virus in the UK

The National Resilience Standards

The listing of the National Resilience Standards, mapped to the different stages in the life-cycle of Integrated Emergency Management.

The National Resilience Standards

Helpful Guidance for Emergency Management Practitioners and Responders

Click here for a selection of official Government guidance on various aspects of civil protection, emergency planning, response and recovery in the UK.