Strategy and Looking Forward means beginning to refine our thinking about what we are doing and how we will eventually manage strategic recovery from COVID-19. It won’t be soon, but it’s right to start thinking about it now. It’s been said by many people that this is the great challenge of our time. A great challenge like this is bound to have many, great and far-reaching implications for the shape and nature of the world we will be living after this is over. That’s what this part of our COVID-19 Focus is about.

Featured Thinking

  • Will Pandemic ‘Coronababies’ Live With Long-Term Trauma? This interesting article from National Geographic examines the effect stress may have on the next generation. Read it here. (08/09/20)
  • Where’s Our Next Shock Coming From? This article examines how COVID-19 might encourage a shift in thinking when it comes to risk. Read it here. (27/08/20)
  • CEOs Plan to Prioritise Green Issues Post-Coronavirus. This article from CNBC looks at the ways the pandemic has encouraged business leaders to address sustainability. Read it here. (17/08/20)
  • The COVID-19 Vaccines to Follow. This article from National Geographic provides a useful summary of the vaccines from across the world that have made it to phase 3 trials. Read it here. (10/08/20)
  • The Retail Sector vs COVID-19: Post Lockdown Challenges. This article from the BCI discusses some of the challenges faced by the retail sector post lockdown. Read it here. (30/07/20)
  • How COVID-19 Related Remote Working has Changed the Future of Cyber Resilience. This article examines how the sudden (and for some, unplanned) shift to remote working has affected the cyber risk landscape. Read it here. (23/07/20)

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