Strategy and Looking Forward means beginning to refine our thinking about what we are doing and how we will eventually manage strategic recovery from COVID-19. It won’t be soon, but it’s right to start thinking about it now. It’s been said by many people that this is the great challenge of our time. A great challenge like this is bound to have many, great and far-reaching implications for the shape and nature of the world we will be living after this is over. That’s what this part of our COVID-19 Focus is about.

Featured Thinking

  • COVID-19 Risks Outlook Report and Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID-19 World Report.  The WEF has released two complementary reports looking at the changing risk landscape for the near future and beyond. Read them here and here. (29/05/20)
  • What the COVID-19 Pandemic Tells us About Gender Equality. COVID-19 is exacerbating the hardships faced by women all across the world. This thought-provoking article identifies three key areas that leaders should be prioritising in their response and recovery strategies. Read the article here.
  • Could the Coronavirus Crisis Spur a Green Recovery? Has COVID-19 highlighted the lack of sustainability in our current lifestyles? This article draws together some of the key discussion points around the issue, as recovery moves into sharper focus. Read it here.
  • COVID-19 is Showing Us the Link Between Human and Planetary Health. The World Economic Forum make some salient points in this article, centring around how the virus outbreak and global response efforts may change our priorities for the future. Read the article here.

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