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  • HR in Crisis. This article discusses the importance of Human Resources (HR) having a place in crisis and business continuity plans, with some key points to consider. Read it here. (18/05/2020)
  • What is the R Number? The BBC have produced an informative article and video explaining what the R number is, and why it is important in the fight against COVID-19. Read about it here, or watch the video here
  • ISO COVID-19 National Resources. See what the International Organisation for Standards is doing to help countries (including the UK) cope with the pandemic. Find their resources page here.
  • The Cyber Dimension of COVID-19. Since the beginning of February a five-fold increase in the number of cyber incidents has been noted, particularly in Europe. This report from Zurich outline practical tips for companies and individuals on how to mitigate cyber risks. Read it here.
  • Zoom Fatigue. Many organisations have recently adopted or increased their use of online video calls to replace face-to-face meetings. With communication reduced to pixels on a screen, researchers are noticing how this change is affecting people. Read the article here.
  • The EPC BC Checklist from EPC's Resilience Capability Lead, Kelly Blakeley, provides a top level overview of key aspects that underpin a BCMS and the relevant clauses or reference points that you can follow to expand the resilience of your system and ultimately, cultivate organisational resilience. Find it here.

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COVID-19 Introductory e-learning module

This e-learning module gives a general overview of pandemic preparation & response in the UK

COVID-19 Introductory e-learning module

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