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  • JESIP News Edition 27. This publication from JESIP shines a light onto the UK's national response to COVID-19. Read it here. (10/07/20)
  • What is a Second Wave? This article from the BBC offers an accessible and balanced insight into what a second wave of the virus actually means. Read it here. (29/06/20)
  • Safe Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic – General Guidelines for Organisations. The BSI has developed a guidance document to assist organisations as they adjust the way they work, to protect workers and other people in their workplace. Find it here. (09/06/20)
  • COVID-19: Which Critical Choices Should Businesses Make Next? This article from EY discusses some of the large-scale issues affecting businesses and supply chains, as well as some points to consider for future resilience. Read it here. (02/06/20)
  • HR in Crisis. This article discusses the importance of Human Resources (HR) having a place in crisis and business continuity plans, with some key points to consider. Read it here. (18/05/2020)
  • What is the R Number? The BBC have produced an informative article and video explaining what the R number is, and why it is important in the fight against COVID-19. Read about it here, or watch the video here

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COVID-19 Introductory e-learning module

This e-learning module gives a general overview of pandemic preparation & response in the UK

COVID-19 Introductory e-learning module

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