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  • Bad Resilience, Good Resilience: How (Not) to Make Your Organisation More Resilient and Cope Better When the Next Crisis Hits. This article from RUSI discusses many fundamental principles for organisational resilience, highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic. Read it here. (20/08/20)
  • How do You Create Customer Intimacy Without Proximity? This interesting article from EY looks at how the pandemic has changed the expectations consumers hold of companies. Read it here. (12/08/20)
  • ALERT SUMMER 2020: COVID-19 Edition. The ICPEM have released the Summer edition of their ALERT Journal, with a COVID-19 focus. Read it here. (06/08/20)
  • JESIP News Edition 27. This publication from JESIP shines a light onto the UK's national response to COVID-19. Read it here. (10/07/20)
  • What is a Second Wave? This article from the BBC offers an accessible and balanced insight into what a second wave of the virus actually means. Read it here. (29/06/20)
  • Safe Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic – General Guidelines for Organisations. The BSI has developed a guidance document to assist organisations as they adjust the way they work, to protect workers and other people in their workplace. Find it here. (09/06/20)

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COVID-19 Introductory e-learning module

This e-learning module gives a general overview of pandemic preparation & response in the UK

COVID-19 Introductory e-learning module

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