Independent Assurance Review (IAR)

ISO: 22301:2012

Has your organisation had it's annual health check?

The Emergency Planning College (EPC) can provide an IAR of your organisation’s business continuity management capability.

The IAR follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle set out in ISO 22301:2012 to assess the BCM capability against what your organisation said it would do, what it is doing, how it is monitoring the performance of the BCM systems and the processes it has established for continual improvement.

IARs are conducted by EPC business continuity professionals and include personnel who are Members of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI) and BSI qualified Lead Auditors. Organisations who demonstrate they meet the requirements of the standard are awarded the EPC Certificate of Alignment.

The EPC work is endorsed by the Cabinet Office, the UK’s authority on resilience, a powerful assurance of guaranteed quality.

Lead Auditor: Martin W Fenlon MBCI


“Departments and Agencies must have robust, up to date, fit for purpose and flexible business continuity management arrangements...”

“These arrangements must follow industry best practice (ISO 22301:2012 or equivalent standard) and Departments and Agencies must be able to clearly evidence alignment to this level. BCM arrangements must be tested and reviewed at least annually or following organisational change.”

Cabinet Office

Civil Contingencies Secretariat Review


The IAR is suitable for all organisations requiring assurance of their BCM arrangements. It affirms good practice and identifies areas for development. Our clients are diverse, ranging from No.10 Downing Street to Aviva (UK).

The Process

The IAR is completed in two stages:

Stage 1

This includes a document review and normally a site visit to assess the level of conformity of the organisation’s BCM systems to the industry standard.

The scope of the audit will be agreed with you before it takes place and follows the industry International Standard (ISO 22301:2012).

Stage 2

Where there is evidence that the organisation’s BCM systems is aligned to ISO 22301:2012, a Certificate of Alignment is awarded by the Cabinet Office EPC.

A brief report will be provided where any areas that need to be addressed will be described.

Next Steps

For more information about an Independent Assurance Review for your organisation, please contact our sales team.

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