About this course


“If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen!”

Log keeping plays a critical role in emergency response and in recovery.

Loggists are responsible for ensuring decisions are recorded so that they can be shared to direct activity across responding organisations. Decision logs also are vital for recording decisions made in the heat of the moment, so that after the event, responders can explain what took place and why.

Drawing on lessons learnt from numerous events and enquiries, this course will train you to maintain a high-quality decision log during an emergency or recovery operation.

Depending on availability, this course will either be delivered using our Connected Learning Suite (CLS) or Microsoft Teams.


To equip participants with the knowledge and capability in performing a logging role in an emergency.


  • Consider the legal/doctrinal framework, guidance and learning relating to logging
  • Examine logging roles and responsibilities in an emergency
  • Develop your understanding of decision making and its relationship with logging
  • Apply learning in a simulated scenario

Who is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who is required to keep a decision log in response or recovery. This includes:

  • Staff deploying in support of a leader at the scene of an incident
  • Individuals working with managers who have been drawn together into an organisations crisis management team
  • Civil Servants recording decisions made in Government departments in the UK or beyond

Course Details & Booking

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