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Temporary demountable structures are possibly the highest risk aspect during the planning and running of any event. These temporary structures can range from stages, media towers, hospitality units and seating, right through to simple barriers and screens. This wide range of structures are used across events on a huge scale, so the importance of increasing safety by getting TDS right is of paramount importance.

Our Temporary Demountable Structure (TDS) course has been designed around this specialist subject, in accordance with the Institute of Structural Engineers guidance. Giving you the knowledge and skills required to understand your legal requirements, alongside the ability to identify and select TDS competent contractors.

We have been running this one-day course at the EPC over several decades, aiding and supporting the safe and correct use of TDS throughout the industry and keeping professionals up to date with the latest regulations and best practice. The course Lead Trainer is not only a member of the Institute of Structural Engineering, but an integral contributor regarding writing the national guidance covering temporary demountable structures.


To provide those who procure, use or inspect Temporary Demountable Structures (TDS) with an awareness of the relevant structural engineering issues.


  • Identify the legislation and codes of practice related to the design of TDS in the UK
  • Distinguish the key structural principles behind different types of TDS, including stages, platforms, marquees and tensile structures, grandstands and ancillary performance related structures (external screens, PA supports etc)
  • Understand the design criteria for temporary structures including the wind management of temporary structures
  • Identify good (and bad) industry practice

Who is This Course For?

This course is extremely beneficial for a wide array of individuals dealing both directly and indirectly with temporary demountable structures. For example construction professionals such as Architects, Building Control Officers and Structural Engineers would find the course invaluable.

Also, those closely linked to running events, including local authorities, safety advisory group members, Safety Officers, Event Managers/Organisers, Health & Safety Managers, Environmental Health Managers and emergency services personnel will find this course relevant and useful to their professions.


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