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Designed for practitioners who are just beginning or wanting to increase their understanding of on-site (operator) COMAH plans and the development of off-site (multi-agency) response plans.

This practical course will explain the relationship between on-site and off-site COMAH plans and regulatory requirements, the ‘what and the why’.

The ‘how’ in writing multi agency off-site COMAH plans will be brought to life for delegates using case studies, table-top exercises and interactive group work facilitated by a current and highly experienced COMAH practitioner.

It offers a unique insight into COMAH planning and equips delegates with the key tools for writing and testing your own multi agency COMAH plans or assessing and improving existing plans.

Who is This Course For?

Emergency Planners who are working with COMAH sites, and LRF partners, in developing or improving multi-agency response plans. Incident Managers (single organisation or Local Resilience Forum level) who wish to understand the regulatory framework and incident response requirements for a COMAH site.

Exercisers who are wanting to validate and assure their current COMAH response plans (single organisation or multi agency LRF plans).

Aim & Objectives


To promote good practice in developing Emergency Plans for COMAH


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the main elements of COMAH regulations and associated requirements

  • explain the multi-agency approach required to create effective COMAH plans

  • draft COMAH plans

  • identify the links between COMAH plans and other emergency planning activities.

Your Trainers

Benefits for Delegates

  • Develop an understanding of the regulatory requirements on COMAH site operators to produce on-site plans

  • Understand the relationship between COMAH on site (Operator) plans and off site (Multi-Agency Responder) plans

  • Identify the key features of a Multi-Agency Responder plan for COMAH sites

  • Recognise how to write a Responder plan for a COMAH site which we will brought to life using case studies and templates

  • Develop further understanding through facilitated group work with peers, case studies and an exercise

  • Work with an experienced practitioner and facilitator who is currently responsible for an upper tier COMAH site and has written both on-site and off-site plans in collaboration with LRF responders. They have also led in the development and delivery of COMAH site exercises with LRF responders.


Benefits for Organisations

  • Enhanced understanding for your staff of organisational requirements and regulatory responsibilities around COMAH sites

  • Build effective working relationships between local COMAH site operators and emergency planners and/or responders

  • Ensure a collaborative approach in developing off-site response plans that meet the needs of COMAH site operators

  • Develop your response arrangements (people, plans and processes) with COMAH site operators in advance of responding to an incident.

  • Realise opportunities for joint exercising with COMAH site operators

  • Develop your organisations resilience capability in responding to COMAH sites.

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