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This course is designed for practitioners who need to work with Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations.   Delegates will develop a solid understanding of the regulations and their implications for responder agencies.  They will explore the relationship between on-site and off-site COMAH plans and regulatory requirements, before moving on to the ‘how’ of writing and validating multi-agency off-site COMAH plans.   COMAH planning will be brought to life for delegates using case studies, table-top exercises and interactive group work, facilitated by a current and highly experienced COMAH practitioner.  The course offers a unique insight into COMAH planning and equips delegates with the key tools for writing, assessing and improving single and multi-agency plans.


Who is This Course For?

This course is for:

  • Incident Managers who wish to understand the regulatory framework and incident response requirements for a COMAH site.
  • Emergency Planners who are working with COMAH sites and responder agencies.
  • Exercisers who are wanting to validate and assure their COMAH response plans.

Aim & Objectives


To promote good practice in developing Emergency Plans for COMAH


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the main elements of COMAH regulations and associated requirements

  • Explain the multi-agency approach required to create effective COMAH plans

  • Draft COMAH plans

  • Identify the links between COMAH plans and other emergency planning activities.

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Benefits for Delegates

Successful delegates will be able to apply an understanding of:

  • The COMAH regulations and their implications for site operators and responder agencies;
  • The relationship between COMAH on site (Operator) plans and off site (Multi-Agency Responder) plans; and
  • The key features of a Multi-Agency Responder plan for COMAH sites.

In addition, delegates will have had the opportunity to:

  • Use case studies, templates and an exercise with peers, so as to be ready to write a Responder plan for a COMAH site; and
  • Work with an experienced practitioner and facilitator who is currently responsible for an upper tier COMAH site and has written and exercised on and off-site plans in partnership with responder organisations.

Benefits for Organisations

On return to the workplace successful delegates will be ready to:

  • Address the impact of COMAH regulations on the organisation.
  • Ensure effective working relationships between local COMAH site operators and emergency planners and/or responders.
  • Develop response arrangements with COMAH site operators in advance of responding to an incident.
  • Realise opportunities for joint exercising with COMAH site operators.
  • Develop your organisations resilience capability in responding to COMAH sites.

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