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No one likes to think about the worse case scenario, but with incidents with five or more fatalities happening in the UK every six weeks, it’s essential to react with confidence and sensitivity.

You’ll learn more about the necessities of setting up a temporary mortuary, providing support to families and victim identification as you concentrate on the two essential phases, advanced planning and what you need to do.

Covering both during and after the incident, you’ll touch on subjects such as psychology, personal affects and DNA processing, identification and release.

Speaking from experience, our Associates offer a safe environment to share experiences with other delegates as you look at real-life case studies, acquiring  the skills to better manage an incident whilst minimising reputation damage.

Who is This Course For?

From events to shopping centres and everything in between, if there is a duty of care to the public, the Planning for Mass Fatalities course is an important area of learning for your business. 

Our delegates include private individuals from emergency services, volunteers, Rest Centre Managers and Morticians to large-scale organisations including local authority, airlines and transport providers.

It can also be an excellent area of continued professional development for Psychologists and those dealing with large events.

Aim & Objectives


To examine the key issues associated with planning for, and responding to, mass fatality events.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the roles of your own and other organisations involved in planning for, and responding to, a mass fatality event
  • Identify and describe the key considerations arising from the mass fatality incident, including provision of Temporary Mortuary Facilities, Family Assistance, Personal Effects and Communication
  • Outline the National and Local Government arrangements including the Mass Fatalities Workstream developments
  • Identify good practice and lessons learnt from previous events/incidents
  • Evaluate your own organisational arrangements

Your Trainers

EPC Associates Who Deliver This Course

Benefits for Delegates

  • You’ll end this course with a renewed sense of your own capabilities, knowing that ‘you can’, which in turn leads to an increased level of confidence and empowerment when faced with the worst
  • Applying what you have learnt in your day-to-day role into a multi-fatality incident helps with personal preparedness for what’s to come
  • You will be able to increase awareness in scalability, having the ability to deal with larger scale issues than you are currently used to

Benefits for Organisations

  • Sadly, you can’t change what’s happened, but you can be prepared to deal with it, in the best way possible and having your business prepared makes all the difference
  • Knowing you have a robust, usable emergency plan for when a multiple fatality incident does occur gives confident to staff and increases team knowledge
  • By investing in the team you expect to respond on behalf of your business you are not only investing in people, but also working towards limiting damage reputation

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