About this course


This short course is for anyone who requires an introduction to creating an emergency response plan for their responder organisation or a Local Resilience Forum or Partnership. The session considers the contents of an effective emergency plan, including co-ordination arrangements, escalation and de-escalation procedures.

Within the session, participants will explore the legal imperative for writing plans and consider the capacity challenges of dealing with concurrent events as experienced by many organisations in recent months. Participants will leave the session with a basic framework to follow for future planning.


To provide participants with the knowledge and understanding necessary to create an effective emergency response plan.


  • Discuss the role of plans and planning, set within the context of Integrated Emergency Management (IEM)
  • Taking recent challenging events into account, identify key considerations to inform the design of an emergency response plan
  • Outline the basic structure for either a generic or specific emergency response plan

Who is This Course For?

This course is for anyone with responsible for developing or updating emergency plans for an organisation that has role in responding to civil contingencies events. This includes agencies with statutory duties under the Civil Contingencies Act as well as those from voluntary organisations and groups that participate in emergency response.      

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