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New to crisis management and needing a toolkit to help you prepare to manage incidents?  Want to understand how UK Joint Doctrine can give you and your organisation a framework to keep on the right track when responding to a crisis?  

From severe weather incidents, to cyber-attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic, the active use of the Joint Doctrine can ensure you make justifiable and robust decisions in the face of uncertainty. The Incident Managers toolkit will use case studies, an exercise and of course participant and facilitator experience to bring the doctrine to life; leaving you with an understanding of crisis decision-making models and other tools that can help you and your team respond to a diverse range of incidents and disruptions.

Recommended pre-reading:  Before attending this session, we recommend that you read four short blogs which can be found on the Insight pages of EPC’s website.

Depending on availability, this course will either be delivered using our Connected Learning Suite (CLS) or Microsoft Teams.


To provide participants with a practical understanding of UK Joint Doctrine by bringing the application of its key tools to life for incident response practitioners who want to build their knowledge.


  • Recognise where Joint Doctrine sits within UK crisis management and expectations of responder organisations
  • Understand the key principles of joint working
  • Apply the Joint Decision Model in the workplace
  • Contribute to the work of a multi-agency Strategic, Tactical or Recovery Co-ordinating Group

Who is This Course For?

This course is aimed at staff and volunteers who are new to civil protection and resilience and who are taking on a role which might see them responding to an incident, emergency or other disruption.



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