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Emergencies can strike without warning, leaving little room for error. Coordinating multiple agencies, balancing resources and ensuring response and recovery operations are completed successfully are some of the challenges faced.

In the ever-changing environment of emergency management, a lack of confidence and experience can make the world of civil protection daunting for the unfamiliar.

Springboard your emergency planning skills with us. We cover everything you need to give you a solid grounding in all aspects of emergency preparedness defined in the Civil Contingencies Act.

You’ll leave the course full of confidence and essential knowledge surrounding UK Integrated Emergency Management, risk assessment and Business Continuity Management. You’ll also learn how to write and exercise realistic emergency plans.

Become an effective team member in your organisation.

Who is This Course For?

Whether you’re a newly recruited Emergency Planner, part of a supporting team working alongside emergency management professionals, or simply wanting to develop a formal understanding of UK emergency planning and management operations, this course is for you.

Individuals holding emergency responsibilities across a wide array of industries will find this course an invaluable starting point; from category 1 and 2 responders, military, nuclear, transport and airline professionals, through to any organisation within the private industry. Everybody can benefit from a developed understanding of how multi-agency emergency management works in the UK.

This course contributes towards the following National Occupational Standards for Civil Contingencies:

AA1, AA2, AA3, AB1, AC1, AD1, AG4, AH2, AF2, AE1, AE2, AE3, AF1

Aim & Objectives


To give Practitioners who are new to the business of civil protection a developed understanding of how multi-agency Integrated Emergency Management (IEM) is delivered in the UK.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the main features of Civil Protection legislation and regulations that support integrated emergency management  (IEM) with emphasis on the national Concept of Operations and local resilience forum working practices
  • Outline the Principles of Business Continuity Management
  • Describe the UK civil protection model of risk management and evaluate selected community risk registers as instruments of public communication
  • Outline the 10-step cycle for implementing the communicating with the public duty, as outlined within the Civil Contingencies Act
  • Design and apply a template to create a generic or specific emergency plan
  • Outline the key considerations of exercise development as a tool for validating emergency plans
  • Outline the requirement and challenges of working with communities before, during and after an incident
  • Explain the role and activities of Emergency Assistance Centres during major incidents
  • Outline the key principles of ‘recovery’, set within the context of civil protection

Benefits for Delegates

  • During the course you will be introduced to a broad spectrum of civil protection activities. You will leave prepared with the knowledge and references needed to help you know what is required, to prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency
  • Gain the confidence to fulfill your emergency preparedness role to the best of your ability, whilst supporting others to build resilience within the organisation
  • Build your emergency planning network, by meeting like-minded individuals, allowing you to share good practice and experiences

Benefits for Organisations

  • Give your staff the knowledge and abilities needed to undertake their duties in a professional and confident manner

  • Build a team that holds a good understanding of how to manage emergencies, underpinned by the Civil Contingencies Act and UK Concept of Operations doctrine

  • Create a resilient and adaptable workforce who are prepared for the challenges of working within the field of civil protection

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