About this course


Planning ahead is critical when it comes to licensing and regulation, get it right, or your event could be closed down before the doors even open. 

It's a complex world - there’s premises and personal licence, temporary event notice, street collection permit and PRS and PPC licences, but this course can guide you through. 

We will help you improve your understanding of licensing laws and its requirements; including developing conditions that are appropriate and effective, while also ensuring compliance. 

We will identify actions, reasons and processes before navigating the application process. This one-day course is designed and delivered by a practising Solicitor and Event Safety Manager, who will help you to easily understand the relevance of each legislation and how it applies to your role.


To provide a guide to licensing legislation and good practice at stadiums, sports and large events.


  • Describe the key licensing areas within the Licensing Act
  • Explain the event licence application process and considerations
  • Identify case studies and particular licensing issues raised by recent events
  • Explain the fee structure associated with licensing
  • Explain what should be contained in an event contract
  • Describe the event licence sanctions available for non-compliance

Who is This Course For?

This course typically brings together Safety Officers, Venue Managers and those from local authority licensing as well as Safety Advisory Group Chairs and/or Members (including police, fire, ambulance/NHS), and Event Promoters.



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