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Due to the complex risk environment faced by the UK, managers working at the strategic level across the resilience community, face the prospect of difficult and possibly concurrent challenges.  We have developed this short course to support senior leaders from other areas who are supporting their organisation’s emergency management function. 

Our expert associates will help you apply your existing senior leadership skills in a resilience setting.  The course explains the unique nature of emergency management at the strategic level, gives an overview of the UK-wide process of Integrated Emergency Management, and provides advice on how to apply this when leading a response to or recovery from emergencies and other disruptions.

Key Aspects of Strategic Emergency & Crisis Management (Online)

Who is This Course For?

This course is primarily for senior leaders from organisations who are adding civil protection to their role in late 2020 but that do not have experience of emergency management.  It will also be of benefit for civil protection staff who may be needed to step up to the strategic level, e.g. to deputise for absent colleagues.

Aim & Objectives


To prepare delegates for integrated emergency management activity at the strategic level.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Interpret the Civil Protection environment and its consequences for strategic decision makers.
  • Analyse the functions of local strategic level operations according to the UK Concept of Operations.
  • Identify the main strategic challenges of working with communities during emergencies.
  • Identify methods of staying effective during periods of increased pressure and uncertainty.
  • Apply decision making techniques during a short strategic-level exercise.

Benefits for Delegates

Participation in this course will give senior delegates the insights needed to apply their existing skills in a resilience setting.  It will also help delegates understand how local strategic decisions fit into regional and national frameworks.  The focus of the course will be to enable delegates to lead resilience activities during a time when the UK is still experiencing the effects of Covid-19.

Benefits for Organisations

This course enables organisations to build capacity within their resilience function by enabling senior staff from other areas to perform a resilience role and by supporting tactical level staff who may be required to take strategic decisions during an emergency.

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How to Access the Course

This course will be held online via our state-of-the-art Connected Learning Suite (CLS).

How to Access the Course


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