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Need to validate your plans and processes? Relatively new to exercising? Let’s do it in this 3hr workshop! Our experienced facilitator, will guide you through your own table-top validation exercise which you are going to build in live time. You will develop your exercise aim, objectives, background, event, task and injects and understand how to capture these in a Main Events List (MEL). The workshop will include useful tips in running a table-top exercise, de-briefing it and then ensuring that lessons learned are used to review plans and processes. You might even want to write a post exercise report. Better still, you get to build your exercise and share live learning with both the facilitator and other workshop participants via the EPC’s Connected Learning Suite.

By the end of the workshop you will feel more confident in completing your exercise build and know how to validate your organisations business continuity and crisis response plans and bust a few exercising myths along the way! Did you know that some of the most effective table-top exercises are delivered and debriefed with participants within a 2hr timeframe?  

All we need from you when joining the workshop is a plan and/or process from your own business continuity or crisis response plans that you feel needs reality checking or where you feel there may be gaps in capability. Think people, plans and processes. Bring these with you to the workshop and your facilitator will guide you through your table-top exercise build.

Aim & Objectives


By building a table-top exercise, to provide participants with the knowledge and confidence to design and develop validation exercises.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Write an exercise aim and objectives
  • Develop your exercise scenario, event, task and injects in a way that meets your exercise objectives.
  • Understand what a Main Events List is and its key components
  • Recognise the role of exercise debriefing, evaluating outcomes against exercise objectives and using learning to review plans and processes
  • Complete the rest of your exercise build following the workshop

Benefits for Delegates

On successful completion of the course, you will be ready to:

  • Continue building your exercise in preparation for delivery
  • Use this knowledge to develop future exercises
  • Debrief your exercise with participants
  • Review plans and processes as a result of learning from your exercise   

Benefits for Organisations

On return to the workplace successful delegates will be ready to:

  • Develop and deliver validation exercises for your organisation
  • Provide assurance for strategic leads in crisis management and/or business continuity preparedness 
  • Increase your organisational capability within the ‘validation’ phase of Integrated Emergency Management

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How to Access The Course

This course will be held online via our state-of-the-art Connected Learning Suite (CLS).

How to Access The Course

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