Willie Baker

Willie Baker has thirty three years experience with the British Transport Police, (BTP) the national police force for Britain’s railways and the oldest, most experienced “Transport Police” organisation in the world.

His emergency resilience credentials date from the mid 1980’s and were put to the test in 1999 when he was the first ‘silver’ commander at the Paddington (Ladbroke Grove) train crash, and he is now regarded as a subject matter expert in relation to passenger transport emergency incident management.

For over ten years he was professionally involved in a number of major incidents in Britain. He wrote the briefing for the Prime Minister following the Selby train crash (2003), and spent four days in the strategic (gold) command suite immediately following the Ufton Nervet crash (2004), and was commended by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police for “Outstanding Leadership, dedication to duty and professionalism” following the terrorist bombings in London in 2005. As a senior member of staff at the Police Leadership College, Bramshill the training he delivered contributed directly to the successful resolution of a range of critical and major incidents.