Steve Nimmo

Stephen’s experience is in Mass Fatality Planning which includes the provision of on the ground services in the event of a disaster taking place. Stephen has delivered a number of three, four and five day training sessions for different airlines and organisations, including Egyptair, Palmair, British Airways, Gatwick Airport and others. Training centres have included Mumbai, Houston, London, Palma, Cairo, Sydney and Paris. He was also advisor for the Indonesian Tsunami, specifically the identification and repatriation of British subjects from the region.

From March 2003 to the present day, Stephen has taken a lead role in the repatriation of UK Servicemen from abroad and in particular Iraq and Afghanistan. He took charge of repatriation ceremonies at RAF Brize Norton as the receiving funeral director during the Iraq conflict of 2003. Stephen also worked closely with both families and fellow professionals during this deployment of full temporary mortuary facilities.

Since March 2003, his specialist knowledge of dealing with multiple fatalities, both civilian and military has led to being appointed the preferred funeral director for Special Forces (SBS) and Royal Marines. He has taken charge of many military funerals, and travelled to Afghanistan on a number of occasions to accompany the bodies of fallen servicemen back to the UK. For this, he was awarded the Repatriation Medal for Afghanistan and Iraq.