Rob Ellett

Rob enjoyed a career in the fire service culminating at the level of Director of Operations. In March 2000, Rob joined the staff of the Emergency Planning College (EPC). During his 9 years at the EPC, he was involved in a wide range of their portfolio of events. In particular, he helped develop and lead events in Tactical Leadership, Emergency Control Rooms and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Planning.

In 2004, Rob was given the task of delivering a suite of courses specifically aimed at emergency planners within the health sector. This proved to be extremely successful and with the support of the Health Protection Agency, became the UK’s first professional Diploma in Emergency Planning.

In June 2009, Rob left the EPC to work as an independent consultant and trainer. He has since worked with a number of health trusts, commercial organisations and academic institutions. Rob was also invited by the Department of Health (DH) to join a small cadre of NHS executives, whose role is to support any NHS Trust when responding to major disruptive challenges. In addition he has worked with DH as a specialist advisor on emergency planning within the National ‘Flu Pandemic Response Team. During that time, he worked with the EPC to develop and deliver a course on “strategic leadership in a crisis”, aimed at Chief Executives and Directors of NHS Trusts.

Rob holds a Diploma in Business Continuity Management from Coventry University and is a Member of the Emergency Planning Society, the Institution of Fire Engineers and an Associate of the British Standards Institute and has recently completed the “Hospital – Major Incident Medical Management and Support” course with the North East Strategic Health Authority.