Nigel Kay

Nigel Kay is a media professional who specialises in crisis communications and presentation coaching.

Nigel designed and delivers the specialist media courses at the EPC. He was an early adopter of social media and has been delivering social media courses for emergency managers since 2010.

He is a frequent visitor to the Middle East, where he delivers crisis communications and social media courses on behalf of the UAE’s National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority. In the past year has also provided media training for the Saudi National Guard, a Middle East airline and the Bangladesh Army

Nigel spent more than 30 years as a BBC journalist, during which time he served as manager of BBC Radio Sheffield, Head of BBC South and Head of Journalism Development. His television presentation credits include North of Westminster for BBC North, and the current affairs series Let the People Talk for BBC2. He was also editor of the BBC2 current affairs series Home Ground. He was a producer for BBC radio and television on six general election programmes. Nigel represented the BBC on public platforms around the world, including the United Nations in New York.

Nigel has been a member of the Government’s Media Emergencies Forum, and helped put in place the plans that were the basis of the BBC’s coverage of the July 7th terrorist attacks in London. He has extensive experience of business continuity having been responsible for broadcast resilience at more than 50 BBC sites across the UK. He is a member of the National Steering Committee for Warning and Informing the Public.