Joe Pearson

Joe is a subject matter expert in the field of training, exercising and operations room procedures. He has designed, delivered and validated a vast number of training and operational events both nationally and internationally.

Joe is a highly experienced instructor who specialises in the field of; training and exercising and the design and management of emergency operations rooms. He has worked with; UK Government Departments, Emergency Services and other public and private organisations, as well as with international organisations.

His experience has been gained from physically writing, delivering and evaluating exercises and operations in preparation for events such as; the London Olympics, G8 Summits, NATO Summit and Commonwealth Games to name a few.

He also provides subject matter expertise in the running of Operations Rooms and this experience was utilised in 2012 when he acted as an independent advisor to the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) to observe and identify lessons to be implemented during the transition between the Games and Paralympics. He has also designed an Emergency Control Room for a middle east national company.

Nationally, Joe has been written exercises that he has delivered throughout the UK using scenarios that are underpinned by the National Risk Assessment (NRA) which highlights the likelihood and potential impact of a range of different civil emergency risks (including naturally and accidently occurring hazards and malicious threats) that may directly affect the UK.

Internationally, he has delivered training and exercises to personnel from 5 of the world’s continents where he has gained considerable experience in international risks and hazards and national operating procedures used during crises or disasters.

Joe’s qualifications include; an MSc in Emergency Planning Management, Police CBRN Gold Commander Qualified, Police Incident Officer Trained, Business Continuity, qualified multi-agency advisor and has, D Levels 3 and 4 Qualifications in Assessing and Assuring the Quality of Assessment.