David Williams

David is an Emergency Planning Resilience Officer with the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust. His role involves the response to Strategic and Tactical Emergencies that directly affect the Trust or any of the multi-agency partners. David’s portfolio is Emergency Planning and Resilience training. He developed and implemented the current training packages in the field of command and control, incident management and specialist response. David also currently works as volunteer, delivering training on incident response to those involved in the health field across the EU.

David’s experience includes being a Tactical Advisor on recent multiple incidents, including the Royal Marsden Hospital fire in 2009 and the Ba038 crash, responsible for providing advice to the Incident commander on the appropriate emergency response by the Ambulance Service, command decisions and interagency liaison.

David has acted as Multi-agency Liaison Officer for Central London events, representing the LAS in the police special operation room for large central London events such as the Notting Hill Carnival, New Year’s Eve and the London Marathon. He combined this role with that of Strategic advisor to the Trust and Tactical Advisor during the period of the August riots in 2011. David attended Multi Agency Gold Coordinating Groups during the riots as the Ambulance representative, working with the other agencies to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

In the preparation for the Olympics, David wrote and delivered the Training Package for incident response for all levels of staff, including the national programme.

David completed his MSc in Emergency Planning Management in 2012, with a dissertation in Pre-hospital incident command and management, reflecting an ongoing interest in the study of incident management.