Bob Broadhurst

Bob served in the Metropolitan Police and spent much of his career engaged in the policing of large-scale events. In 2006 he was appointed as the head of Public Order and Operational Support; a role which gave him responsibility for all aspects of policy, training and delivery for public order, emergency preparedness, business continuity and CBRNE.

A prominent member of the London Resilience Forum, and chair of its Blue Lights Group, Bob also had responsibility for ensuring that the LESLP manual was constantly up dated and led a multi-agency team that designed and delivered a new Strategic Command Centre for London. During the terrorist attacks of July 2005, Bob played a lead operational role and then took charge of the Met response in implementing the many recommendations from the GLA review. He chaired the Gold Consequence group following the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

Bob was most at home in the Gold suite in the Met’s Special Operations Room where he had the privilege of running many of London’s most iconic events; Trooping the Colour, Notting Hill Carnival, New Years Eve, Tour de France, European and FA Cup finals, G20, Papal visit, the weddings of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and later the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to name a few.

Bob ended his career as Gold London for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; leading the planning team from 2005; working alongside colleagues across the resilience community to develop contingency plans; directing the team that successfully protected the Olympic Torch as it made its way around the UK and commanding the London policing operation during the Games, when he had 10,000 officers a day under his command.

Acutely aware that he owes so much to the many colleagues that ran the events for him, Bob is keen to put something back. He now works as an independent consultant; lecturing, advising and sharing his many experiences, good and bad, with anyone who will listen.