Stephen Groves

A leading figure in emergency planning and resilience within the healthcare sector, Stephen has been at the forefront of improvements in the NHS.

With experience of public health incidents and outbreaks, as well as being on the frontline of disaster and terrorist response, Stephen's knowledge allows him to help organisations plan and prepare effectively.

Having started training as a nurse at the age of 18, Stephen’s has been a career of challenges. From the front line of accident and emergency (A&E) to the responding to devastating incidents such as Grenfell and the Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack, the knowledge and skills Stephen has amassed are exemplar.

Its not just emergency situations that Stephen has responded to, he has also been involved in a number of public health incidents and outbreaks such as Ebola and Listeria.

When Stephen started his career in the National Health Service (NHS), emergency planning was often given to A&E departments as there was a misconception that it should be organised by them. Since this time views have rightly changed and Stephen has been instrumental as National Head of Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response for NHS England.  

Previous to this he was Deputy Head of NHS Preparedness at the Department of Health and the Strategic Head of Emergency Preparedness & Resilience at North East Strategic Health Authority.

Stephen’s career has seen him involved in the response to a number of incidents and believes that the NHS offer world-class care. Because of this, he feels it is essential to care for its most important resource, the staff. 

Stephen is married to a fellow NHS worker and when they have time, they like to unwind by walking in Scotland. Stephen is also a Justice of the Peace.