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Renowned for his expertise in resilience, policy, doctrine, operational delivery and training, Richard joined the EPC following an extensive career in the Royal Air Force.

Serving as Head of Plans and Training in the MOD's headquarters, Richard specialsed in delivering crucial military support to the civil authorities across the UK in response to both disruptive challenges and large-scale events.

His leadership was instrumental during major national events, such as the 2012 London Olympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and several G7/G8/G20 summits, as well as in response to adverse weather and specialist counter-terrorism efforts. 

A respected authority in resilience doctrine, Richard authored the pivotal 2017 version of the MOD’s Joint Doctrine Publication 02, and played a key role in its 2021 update. He also contributed significantly to the revision of the JESIP Doctrine in the same year.

As the MOD’s foremost Resilience practitioner at the time of his retirement in early 2022, Richard's transition to the Emergency Planning College has enabled him to impart a wealth of knowledge and experience. Since joining, he has contributed to updating and re-designing key training courses, as well as representing the college both in the UK and internationally, further developing his network of professional colleagues and associates across the resilience community.  

Outside of his professional life, Richard resides in Salisbury with his wife Katriona and their two adult children. He's an avid golfer, enjoys the occasional game of tennis, and has a passion for long-distance walking.

Resilience Capabilities:
Emergency Management, Response & Recovery
Risk Planning & Preparedness
Crowd, Events & Public Safety

Masters in Security and Risk Management