Phil Tucker

As a counter terrorism (CT) specialist, Phil’s knowledge of incident command, leadership and investigation are in demand across the world. 

A retired Police Officer, Phil works as a consultant, academic and Police Trainer delivering command, leadership, investigation and counter terrorism courses in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the UK. As a Detective Superintendent he was head of the UK Liaison Bureau at Europol. He has also been Senior Investigating Officer, Director of Intelligence, Director of Investigations, and finished his operational career as the UK’s Counter Terrorism Liaison Officer in Southeast Asia. 

A successful writer, Phil has co-written several manuals and textbooks on investigation for use in police academies.

Phil believes in respect for human rights, especially for those who come into contact with the emergency services. He feels that they should inform everything that we do. Because of this he ensures that these human rights principles are embedded in all of his courses.

A keen follower of the English Premier League, he enjoys reading, writing and listening to music, whilst his weekends are spent rambling.


BA Spanish and Literature, MA Security and Terrorism