Mark Georgiou web

With over 30-years' experience as a BBC Journalist, Mark is an expert in getting the right message out during a crisis situation. Using his knowledge and expertise, Mark's aim is to equip clients with the tools they need to get the truth out, which can ultimately save lives.

Mark’s background as a BBC Journalist has seen him deliver more than 30-years' of news. In this time he has witnessed first-hand emergency situations that have ranged from national disasters such as fire, floods and earthquakes to man-made incidents where demonstrations have turned to riots, and revolutions into wars. Mark was on the scene when the 32 Chilean miners were brought to safety having been trapped underground for 69 days.  

Now Mark provides freelance media counsel, using the skills he acquired ‘on the front line of the news’ to help companies and organisations navigate the media side of crisis situations.

In the era of ‘fake news’ when rumours and untruths spread in an instant, Mark believes it is more important that individuals, companies and organisations are properly equipped with the tools they need to correct misinformation and get the truth out. As he says: “In a crisis situation, getting the comms right can save lives”.

Mark is married and is an active member of a number of societies and associations including the Royal Geographical Society and the North London Sailing Association. A keen painter and photographer, he also is turning his hand to screenwriting working on two movie scripts.


BA Hons, Economics and Government, MA, Communication Policy, City University, BBC Fellow at the Reuter’s Institute Oxford.