Corin Pegden web 1

An expert in collaboration and spatial data, Corin’s understanding of data gathering has helped to find missing persons, as well as tackle the challenges of illegal entry. His pioneering concepts for collaboration for the London 2012 Olympics enabled government security agencies to work together to ensure efficient use of data gathering. His understanding of spatial data has also been adopted by the UK Search & Rescue sectors and have had a positive impact, helping vulnerable people. 

Corin has an extensive background in consultancy for geospatial organisations. He first identified and proposed concepts for collaboration for the London 2012 Olympics where he worked on data gathering and co-operation, among relevant government security agencies.

Corin has helped UK Search & Rescue access, understand, and better utilise relevant spatial data techniques for missing persons. This has lead to collaborations with UK Border Force to use geospatial intelligence techniques to tackle the challenge of illegal entry to the country as well as a number of roles in the intelligence community.

Corin works to understand all aspects of engagement of the end user to get a clear customer perspective. This transfers into his training where the question is constantly being asked is 'does content really help?'. By using this constant reflection he finds he can gain trust, build better relationships and be more useful to the client.

Married with two grown-up sons, Corin mixes business with pleasure, training and teaching karate, he holds a 4th Dan. He also teaches various fitness and personal training sessions part-time.


HND Civil Engineering.