Chris James

Chris has been a Consultant within the emergency management and business continuity fields for more than 30-years', a role that has lead him to work in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

He has been an Advisor to the Local Government Association and during this time he was engaged in responses to central government concerning the Civil Contingencies Bill, as well as the supporting regulations and guidance. In local government, Chris prepared teams for the work required to comply with the CCA and oversaw its management. His work also involved him supporting national emergency management secretariat development in the Middle East.

Chris believes in practical applications of doctrine and guidance, which must be applied in a way that fits an organisation or country. He feels you must understand the need for all levels of management and when undertaking a role you must take the people with you and support leadership teams in fulfilling their goals and ambitions.

Chris has a variety of interests outside of his work, including a keen regard for history, which he pursues through literature, television and film. He belongs to a number of clubs that expand his knowledge.


BA (Hons), MEPS, CMS