Mark Leigh

Mark joined the EPC from the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, where he was an Assistant Director of Training and Doctrine, in 2010.  In that role he led the design, development and delivery of training for “Cobra” teams in the national crisis management organisation, and led on the creation of national risk assessments for two states in the Middle East.  He also carried out government-to-government consultancy and training programmes in Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and China.

Mark is the EPC’s principal subject-matter expert in crisis management and integrated multi-agency emergency management.  He is a co-author of the current British Standard for crisis management and has published on a number or related themes.  His main interests lie in the public understanding of risk, leadership in multi-agency working and strategic decision making. He has published on all of these themes recently, in papers, guidance and standards.  His full list of publications can be seen by following the link below.

He is responsible for the design, management, delivery and quality assurance of programmes that develop the resilience capability of organisations across a wide range of sectors.  These include central and local government, utilities providers, emergency services and the private sector.  This work revolves around creating bespoke, practical and cost-effective solutions which are usually a blend of consultancy, training and exercising.




Mark's Publications

Download of list of Mark's articles, papers, works and book reviews.