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As a published author on business continuity, Andy’s knowledge and expertise are much sought after across the world. A leader in resilience and risk, Andy was a key figure in helping to deliver the successful London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. Delivering training on a global scale, Andy leads by example to inspire individuals to take control and ensure they are prepared for challenges.

When it comes to resilience, risk and business continuity, Andy has delivered training and courses around the world. His extensive background and career has made him a ‘go to’ source for information on resilience, risk, business continuity, crisis management, IT disaster recovery, emergency planning, cyber and security management systems.

Over this varied career his involvement in the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games was a highlight, along with delivering seven successful ISO 22301 certifications.

Andy’s expertise cover all sectors and industries and he’s known internationally for his ability to share ideas and experiences, whilst challenging accepted concepts when there is room for improvement. 

He also wrote 'Business Continuity for Dummies', published by Wiley in 2012.

With infectious enthusiasm, Andy values teamwork and will go that extra mile to inspire and motivate. Leading by example, he believes in empowering individuals to be their best without compromising his own initiative, flair and sense of humour. 

Andy’s interests are varied, a rugby player of 37 seasons he also plays the drums, ukulele and sings. He enjoys ballet, tap and modern dance and has an interest in model railways.


Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute, ISO22301 Lead Auditor